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First time draft, not so first time at bat.

While this may sound like a baseball post, it’s not hahaha. What I’m referring to is draft for Magic the Gathering’s draft for their newest card block: Amonkhet. Along with a good friend of mine, we ventured to a kind of local card shop for our first draft. While it was his first time in tournament play, it was not mine which for as long ago as it was, felt refreshing. 

While we waited for the draft to start we played a few games against each other to prepair. We also had a chance to observe some of the other folks that would be participating, and not. One issue I ran into, which is fine as its not my shop nor is it my place to say, but these guys were using a play style called proxy. 

Proxy is a play style where, rather then spend money on building a deck, players use print off versions of the cards they want and attach them to “dumby” cards, then place them in sleeves and build a deck from that. 

So with that being said, we went on to a few games prior to the draft start. Now for those who may read this, you are already aware of how it goes, but for those who have not partaken, here the short end of it: you purchase 3 boosters. You and seven others start by opening a single booster back, remove the land card and place card, select a single card from it then pass to your left. Your next pack is passed to your right, then left again for your last. 

The objective is to build a deck consisting of 40 cards, 23 of them being cards from the boosters, the remaining being land, which was provided. Then you play three heats where you play a different player and go for best of 2 with and 3rd to break and tie. 

Well I, with some other folks new to draft or just with a bad bit of luck with what they ended up with card wise, came in last, but did receive a single booster from the block which was pretty good. After it was all done, received a total of 72 cards for the entry fee of $15. All in all, not a bad haul and I learned a thing or two as well!


Hanging with the new school.

Shadow Deck

So I have been a player of MTG (Magic the Gathering) for over 10 years. A game I never thought I would get into, found my self introduced by chance thanks in part to a purchase made by my step mom, the rest of course is history. Along the way, I’ve seen new and exciting cards roll out in all of their shiny new booster packs and deck boxes. I’ve seen the reprint, and reprint, and reprint of cards (Llanowar elves and Unholy Strength) along the way and picked up a good number of them too. I’ve also seen my fair share of rule changes, new abilities, and the ever growing expansion of the world MTG encompasses.

Now I’ve come to a point where I begin to question where I stand on the road of the ever changing game. I know alot of the old rules are still in effect and that alot of those rules were given new names, a better breakdown of how they work, and of course, the removal of some of those rules too. I will be honest in saying that I haven’t purchased a whole lot of the new school cards with all of their new abilities and rules, but I have a fair grasp of things, but, where does that leave decks I have built years ago?

I know that at some point I will need to sit down and explore the forums, speak with fellow players and get a better idea as far as what I need to do to keep up in the changing world of the game. I write this blog in the hopes that someone out there will maybe give their two cents or at least point me in the right direction that I may perhaps get a better grip on the game and get back into playing more.