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First time draft, not so first time at bat.

While this may sound like a baseball post, it’s not hahaha. What I’m referring to is draft for Magic the Gathering’s draft for their newest card block: Amonkhet. Along with a good friend of mine, we ventured to a kind of local card shop for our first draft. While it was his first time in tournament play, it was not mine which for as long ago as it was, felt refreshing. 

While we waited for the draft to start we played a few games against each other to prepair. We also had a chance to observe some of the other folks that would be participating, and not. One issue I ran into, which is fine as its not my shop nor is it my place to say, but these guys were using a play style called proxy. 

Proxy is a play style where, rather then spend money on building a deck, players use print off versions of the cards they want and attach them to “dumby” cards, then place them in sleeves and build a deck from that. 

So with that being said, we went on to a few games prior to the draft start. Now for those who may read this, you are already aware of how it goes, but for those who have not partaken, here the short end of it: you purchase 3 boosters. You and seven others start by opening a single booster back, remove the land card and place card, select a single card from it then pass to your left. Your next pack is passed to your right, then left again for your last. 

The objective is to build a deck consisting of 40 cards, 23 of them being cards from the boosters, the remaining being land, which was provided. Then you play three heats where you play a different player and go for best of 2 with and 3rd to break and tie. 

Well I, with some other folks new to draft or just with a bad bit of luck with what they ended up with card wise, came in last, but did receive a single booster from the block which was pretty good. After it was all done, received a total of 72 cards for the entry fee of $15. All in all, not a bad haul and I learned a thing or two as well!


The year that was

So 2015 was an interesting year not just for me and my family but for the rest of the world and though not that alot of what happens out side my home effects me, sometimes there are thing that just get me to that point, but I, like i should, just let it go. 2015 was full of ups and downs. I felt the loss of another job thanks to “down sizing” but felt the plus side of that loss by working in a good place right up the road and making some amazing friends.  We also had an adventure to our first Con (Convention for those not in the know). We went to Retrogamecon, which is a one day celebration of all things gaming retro! We had seen cosplayers, fellow gamers, and met some talented artists, and the kicker, my fiance (Mom’s Place of Sanity and KreativeMumma) was one of several vendor’s featured in their Artist’s Ally! I couldn’t be prouder! I know that we both enjoyed our selves and our son T did as well! Before I forget to add this, we had some visitors come to see us for the day too! Our friend Crissy and her fiance Toby drove from Pa all the way up to Syrcause to see us, we had some friends I work with come all the way out and the kicker, my uncles who i haven’t seen since i was a kid and my cousin came to see us! That made the weekend totally worth it!  I’m hoping this year will be better then the last though with the things that happened at the end of the year, I’m hoping that it carries over 🙂

10 shades of me.

This is the 10 shades of me, and by that I speak of the 10 )and soon to be 11) toons I have in World of Warcraft. With each character I have rolled over the years my account has been active, I have worked hard on making them unique in appearance, and play style. So without any further delay, I present to you…


So for those who will read this I am on Lothar-us and my guild is always looking for new friends to partake in new adventures. the guild name is Farewell to Kings (thanks Rush!)

Farewell to Kings-Lothar-US (Alliance)

Farewell to kings is currently recruiting new members in an effort to repair for the upcoming expansion. We are not a hardcore raiding guild as personal time for our members does not allow us to, however we are interested in seeing some endgame raiding prior to the expansion.

We are openly accepting all classes at this time, and we would like to have members that are atleast over 18 due to school schedules, because we do not want to see gaming interfere with education.

For further details please contact either my self through this blog or in game by sending mail to Tyrage, or you can contact my fiance on her blog:, or in game be sending mail to Icylady.

Thank you , and fight on!

Guild Recruitment.

My World of Warcraft guild, Farewell to Kings-Lothar-US (alliance) is currently looking for casual players that are eager to join a casual guild looking for progression and to have a great time. We are made up of family and friends, but are always looking for new friends with some experience in dungeons/raids and is in no major hurry to progress through the game and want to enjoy it as a whole.

We currently have a Facebook page designed as a gateway for current members and new members to exchange photos, ideas, to setup dungeon, and to be 10-Man Raid events, and we also have a client on Raidcall so that we can communicate and organize our dungeon/raid runs as well. Our main focus, however, is to not loose ground on our priority as being a fun, non-hardcore guild with the intent of seeing endgame content, while preparing for the next expansion.

If this is something you may be interested in or have any additional questions, please free to reach out to me or my fiance. we are Tyrage, and Icylady respectably located on Lothar-US, or you can respond to me here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

“Lok’tar Ogar!!”-Orcish Warcry