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The year that was

So 2015 was an interesting year not just for me and my family but for the rest of the world and though not that alot of what happens out side my home effects me, sometimes there are thing that just get me to that point, but I, like i should, just let it go. 2015 was full of ups and downs. I felt the loss of another job thanks to “down sizing” but felt the plus side of that loss by working in a good place right up the road and making some amazing friends.  We also had an adventure to our first Con (Convention for those not in the know). We went to Retrogamecon, which is a one day celebration of all things gaming retro! We had seen cosplayers, fellow gamers, and met some talented artists, and the kicker, my fiance (Mom’s Place of Sanity and KreativeMumma) was one of several vendor’s featured in their Artist’s Ally! I couldn’t be prouder! I know that we both enjoyed our selves and our son T did as well! Before I forget to add this, we had some visitors come to see us for the day too! Our friend Crissy and her fiance Toby drove from Pa all the way up to Syrcause to see us, we had some friends I work with come all the way out and the kicker, my uncles who i haven’t seen since i was a kid and my cousin came to see us! That made the weekend totally worth it!  I’m hoping this year will be better then the last though with the things that happened at the end of the year, I’m hoping that it carries over 🙂


Another day, another milestone.

So my fiance and I are the proud parents of a hyperactive, super curious, too smart for his own damn good 2yo. And today our son has crossed another milestone. Now we’re working on his potty training with him, and he’s getting to the point where he is being less and less dependent on his pull-ups and more for his big boy undies. Well today Mumma, as mommy is called, and Gigi, as the title his grandma was given, took our son to the store which is a 5min ride from home. The whole trip took about 15 or so min, to which we were all shocked as to the discovery that was found. See the key point in my story is that he went to the store not with his trusty pull-up on, but his big boy undies (and his regular cloths as I have forgotten to mention).  All the way up, and back, with out a single accident! Dadda, and Mumma and Gigi were all shocked to see that he went that long with no problems.

While he has been over a month with out his passy, this is the next big step for him because now he’s getting the idea of making that quick trip to the potty, and doing his thing, in his big boy undies vs going in the pull-up. So fingers crossed that he’ll keep making his amazing progress and to continue to amaze, stun, shock, and fill Dadda, and Mumma with pride.