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Helping my Fiance :)

Hello friends and followers! This will be a short blog as it’s not about me or an outward look on how the world is through my eyes. Today I wanted to make a quick blog in the hopes that this will reach enough of you awesome people out there in WordPress land and help my talented fiance out.


My fiance, Mom’s Place of Sanity ( has an Etsy shop that she’s worked really hard on with not only maintaining but creating some beautiful and geeky products! So I ask you, take a moment, visit her shop, if you see something you like, pick it up! or if you have a custom order, feel free to reach out to her and she will be more then happy to work with you and make it happen to the best of her amazing abilities!!


Here’s the link to her shop:¬†



Kreative Mumma!

So normally I would make a blog post about my self here but not today! See today I’m making a blog post for my talented fiance. She has an Etsy shop dedicated to her craft of making some pretty awesome handmade quilts, blankets, and more! She also takes custom orders too so if you don’t see it on the shop, just reach out to her and see what she can do! I added the link to her shop so go check it out!!!


You can also check out her Facebook page too!: