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The story thus far….

So a brief and more happier update on the story of being a working dad and the adventures both good and bad, I’m back to work….again. After 2014 turned out to be a tough year for me with being hired, laid off, hired, and laid off just a few weeks before Christmas, I’m happy to report (a little late) that I’m once again working!!! Not through a temp service, not through some short means of any kind, but back to work without the chance of getting laid off because my contract ran out. I had alot of support from my family who without i would be lost. My fiance (Mom’s Place of Sanity) has been my rock and kept me from giving up. I know giving up was not an option with a family that needs you, but when you get discouraged that there are no jobs out there it makes it tough to not give up hope. 2015 has proven to be an amazing year so far. and it all happened on the second day of the new year of all days! So as it looks, 2015 is proving to be the year for alot of positive vibes and good news.


Off we go…again

So I’m brushing the dust off my blog and have decided to take up typing out an update and to peal back a layer of skin and let flow where I am today. So over the past year things have been the roller coaster ride we never asked for.The job I had decided to close up shop in the building I’ve come to know and a job i’ve come to love. I made the most of the last 3 months following the news of the layoff and put in some effort to find a plan B as I was not traveling, let along uproot my family to a major city. So I made a decision to find work closer to home and I had, and it was just in time as my start date was the week after the site closed. I was one of the last few to bid a farewell to my friends whom I’ve worked with and got to know as that chapter came to a close. 


Now with the start of my new job, came new friends and new adventures! I became friends with some of the most unique, talented, and as down to earth as you could find. When I joined the new company I had finally thought that this was it, this was going to be the job I knew I wasn’t going to leave and it happened again. On a faithful Saturday in February, I received a call, and bad news stuck again. for the second time in less then a year, I was on the outside looking in. Thankfully I had built up enough weeks to be able to collect temporary assistance until I found new employment. Now while being out of work, I did make the best of my time by doing the one thing I was not able to do in a long time, and that is spend it with my family. We had an adventure to Pa to visit the rest of my family and friends, we had fun in the snow when it fell, and enjoyed the sun shine on the best days of spring.


The time off gave me the chance to be able to visit T’s school for an event called Real men read day. It was something new that was started this year that gave the dads, grandpas, and brothers a chance to come and read to the children in the school. That was an experience I will carry with me as it gave me a chance to be closer to my son, something I missed. I also had a chance to be able to spend time with my loving fiance. She has been a rock, keeping me from falling to pieces when everything else seemed to come undone. Without her, I don’t think we would have been able to make it like we did. I know that because of me being out at work, we drifted apart and I don’t think she will ever know how being able to spend time with her being off of work had made me appreciate her more then I could ever express.


So now for the present…Two weeks ago, I received a phone call that took this ride on a complete 180. While being out shopping with the family, my cell phone rang with the good news, the best news in month. I was offered a job to start that following Monday! It wasn’t too far away from home, it was familiar ground for me, and let’s face it, the pay was better. So I made the decision and took it. I was up the next day to fill out paperwork, and just like that, I’m back to work. I’ve completed my first week of training and so far so good. I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be considering that there is so much more to learn but life is all about learning something new. So we’re off and running…again.

What do I need to do…

What do I need to do to make things right, to keep balance, to keep sane. I work a horrible shift, make decent money, but in the end, it still doesn’t seem to be enough. I wake up with my son every morning and go about our usual routine, I wake my fiance up since I let her get some rest in because she deserves it, but for some reason we just cannot seem to make any head way in our day. When I go to work, I leave behind an unknown chaos. Can I do anything to change it? Probably, but what? I could create a cloning device and have a second a third and a fourth copy of my self so that I can be home, work a second job, and what ever else the fourth copy would need to do. The only problem with that is that after every copy, there is a 10% loss of intelligence to where if I were to make enough versions of my self they would be completely useless cannon fodder. So I think the best thing I can do at this point is to keep doing all that I can and realize that no matter what I do, I cannot change what will not allow it’s self to change. I cannot bleed water from a stone,and  I cannot plant an apple seed and hope for a peach tree. Though in time, this too shall pass…i hope.

Man on fire

As of late, I have felt like a man on fire. Between my performance at work improving everyday, my relationship with my fiance is improving and is shows, and family life getting more and more amazing, nothing at this point will stop me. My life is now moving forward with a momentum that cannot be haulted or derailed, shaken or rattled. I wake up everyday and thank my lucky stars that I am blessed with an amazing family, a great job, and great friends. The only thing that I am going to worry about now is when is the next chapter in this adventure I call my life going to begin because I am ready. I am…a man, on fire.

You say goodbye, I say hello…

Well today marks the end of yet another year, and the farewell to a lot of things that many of us have grown accustom to.  I for one had, for a time, grown used to being home with my family to which I would be lost without. Many of you had grown to following Steve Jobs and his conquest of the universe with his Apple products. And Community…forever will you have a spot in my heart (come back soon!!!).

But, as we bid a due to 2011, the new year will welcome in a fresh start on things.  Thankful for the things I was able to accomplish, and thankful to say that I was able to overcome the setbacks that stood in my way. 2011 was also a chance to prepare for the coming year by starting to get my health better by exercising and watching what I eat, though with the holidays make it hard. I learned that my son is learning more and more every day and that sometimes it pays off to be slower than him because than I can take in all he has learned and be appreciative of the fact that I am just a piece in his ever growing world. My fiance SAHM has also decided to welcome in the new year by making changes in her life to which I am extremely proud of her and am behind her 100%.

Now that the farewells are in order, this year I plan on doing things a little bit different. I am not going to plan for a New Year’s resolution because every year that only sets me up for failure, and that is something I won’t let happen again. This year I am gearing for more of a set of accomplishments over changing the things I couldn’t do or didn’t do. It’s more of a bucket list for the year rather than in life.  I’m not going to aim for anything extreme like running for government office, or build the Deathstar and destroy Alderon. I am just looking to accomplish a few small things that, in the long-term, will not only be to my benefit, but will be things that are in need to be done.

In closing of this blog, I wish all of you whom may stumble across this a healthy, blessed, and fruitful new year.

” No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.”-Master Yoda