A random blog about another interest of mine…World of Warcraft.

So as of late, Blizzard has been building things up to bring their current expansion to a close and to start on a new adventure. Well I have been giving it alot of thought and idea as to what they should do next. Well first, I feel that a new race/class that offers not only the oppertunity for Alliance but the Horde as well to play the same race and class and have their own spin on it. The next thing I would love to see is a revisit of some more classic dungeons like Scarlet Monastary, and a personal favorite of mine,Scholomance. Because like most people who have played the game from the begining or close to it are the veterans of Azeroth and know what makes them happy with the game and unlike alot of newer people who don’t want the hard work to earn gear and achievements and have them handed to them with a ribbon from Blizzard saying “good job”, I want things to be like they were where you needed to work hard for the gear you need. I think that is what’s wrong with alot of games now adays. The goals are so watered down, you could fall asleep and be a winner.

I don’t use alot of the addons that exist now, I just use one to measure my DPS. I don’t use any sort of raid caller or profession helper. I go with the flow, read the tips out there from raiders on forums, and I don’t use any sort of crutch for my dungeon runs or quests. I guess I’m just not with the program or ¬†I’m just a dying breed of those who still think they can keep up.

Oh well…sun rise, sun set.


Her epic project

So my fiance has been dilagently¬† working on an epic quilt that has been not only an exciting process for her, but for me as well. Since her decision to undertake the project, I have been more than happy to help her with what ever she needed and to give her all of the support I can give. I am so proud of her! Her talent for sewing is amazing and the projects she wants to work on are epic indeed. I am truly honored to be along for the process and are able to help her out when I can either sewing something together, or picking up some cloth from the store. If I didn’t help, I wouldn’t feel right about it, so I’m glad she lets me haha.

Day 0, than 1

So being that this is my first blog, yay! I found it fitting to entitle this day 0 as this will be the launch board from which my other blogs will come from. I don’t usually let the universe into my my universe, but sometimes we all need to change in order to grow. I hope all of those who read this will find some sort of enjoyment, humor, and maybe some insight into the little place I call My World.