The damage done

So for the better part of the past few months I’ve watched as someone close to my heart, someone I consider my little sister, go through hell for the sake of happiness. But I ask myself if it’s true happiness, or are there some other forces at play to keep her but break her. Today I had a talk with my fiancĂ© who holds her in a high a regard as I do about the situation and she also agreed. But, for all that it’s worth, I cannot tell my sister directly about how we, and the rest of her friends and family feel because I don’t want it to end up pushing her away from us. All any of us want is for her to be safe, and sound. She’s four hours away from us and the same distance away from the rest of her friends and family and out where she is, she really doesn’t have anyone. She has her daughter, her dog, and him. At first he treated her like a princess, but as of late it’s like that was all just an act to lure her in. I know that some day she’ll read this and see how not only me but others feel and I hope that she understands that we all love her and would riot if something happened to her because of some asshat. But that’s all I’m gonna say

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