Just a random vent

It amazes me that when we work with others we become friends. We share thoughts and ideas, family moments and the things in life we’re stressed about. Once the job is over or when people leave for other jobs or circumstances, we lose touch. I can understand that life happens, it happens to us all, but atleast keep in touch with someone even if it’s a quick hi. High school is the same way. we become bff’s with people, we hang out or we drink, or what ever the case is, and when we graduate, or what not, we lose the connection. Maybe in life, those we lose touch with aren’t the ones who were really apart of the life in which we live. Maybe because of our own personal life choices, such as not being a partier or drinker or being a parent, we chase those people away. It doesn’t matter. The people that I have build my friendships with and consider family are the ones who matter and I’m thankful to the ones who have stayed in touch.

  1. Known you guys since I was in 5th grade… not going anywhere lol we might talk more or less at times depending on life but you’re stuck with me and my occasional 2 cents hehe. And your life choices don’t chase people away I’ve had very different “life choices” for most of the time I’ve known ya and never thought anything of it people live differently doesn’t mean you don’t still have shit common….idk I suck at the whole friend thing though you and Kristen are part of a very tiny group of people I consider true friends…..not sure where I was going with this lol but you’s my fwend ☆

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