Celebrities overboard?

So in the past year we’ve lost some pretty great musicians, comedians, world people of importance, but do we over do it when it comes to the hailstorm of fandom, outrage, sadness that follows? Sure I was saddened when Robin Williams died, he was someone I enjoyed watching on tv or in the movies, but I didn’t binge watch Patch Adams, Good Morning Vietnam, or my personal favorite Hook, I went on with my day. When David Bowie, the Pale Duke, left Earth to become one with the stars, I didn’t listen to his entire discography, I just listened to what i have like I listen to all the other music I own. And now Prince, I think the world is going to explode if one more celebrity passes away. But death of celebrities is not only where the world’s obsession starts, I feel it’s worse with the living ones!


Take for example the Kardashians. you know who I’m talking about, Kim and Kourtney, and Khloe, and Kanye. Of the 4 I mentioned, only 1 of them did something for a while with their celebrity, then he married into the family and became just as bad as the rest of them. We know that they haven’t contributed to anything worth of mentioning because, to be honest, there isn’t anything worth mentioning, unless you’re into fashion or an oogler over how they look Lets forget the fact their dad was a famous lawyer, and their step dad was an athlete. We follow these people like they’re individuals of great importance, like the president or the pope, but at the end of the day, they’re just people with money and a tv show and nothing worth a damn to show for it if they all of a sudden ended up broke and suffering like real people.


If I could spend my day going through all of the celebrities that the world falls over for one silly reason or another, I’d be typing something close to what I would consider to be close to a novel, so I’ll conclude with this…celebrities are going to come and go. Yes they will at some point pass away or fade from the public microscope, and yes, we are all going to go ga-ga over them, it’s human nature to idolize over people of greatness, but please don’t make it your reason for living, your soul purpose to get up every day, to exist. Enjoy the celebrities you follow, but remember that there are other things to idolize like the power of mother nature.


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