Can the past rewrite the future? A quick World of Warcraft blog..

So with all of the now and exciting story of Warlords of Draenor closing in, I cannot help but consider some possible changes to the future by altering the past. I just feel like we’re taking the DeLorean back to 1955, seeing Marty bump into his parents, and Biff ends up becoming his dad back in 1985.

So here are my thoughts about the new expansion’s story line from what I have experienced thus far (Thanks Blizzard for my Beta key). As of right now, you have to assist Khadgar and Thrall in rescuing members of each respected faction from certain doom thanks to Kargath Bladefist then an escape to destroy the Iron Horde warmachine. once you can escape, you end up in Shadowmoon Valley where you start your growth in level and progression to stopping the Iron Horde. Now the cast of characters we all know, like Khadgar, Kargath, Killrogg and Ner’zhul. Now as far as present lore goes, Kargath Bladefist is help up in the Shattered Halls, Kilrogg was cheiftain of the bleeding hallow clan and “killed” in fighting Khadgar in the battle of the Dark Portal, and Ner’Zhul…well he decided to infuse his soul into a certain suite of armor and a runesword…Now my thoughts. Let’s say for sake of argument, the forces of the horde and alliance are able to subdue, or kill Ner’zul before he is able to imprison his soul within the armor and sword, does this mean that Arthas would not become the Lich King. All I’m saying is that with us going back in time to Draenor, before it was ravaged and turned into Outland, I think the future will be altered by the rewrite of it’s past…who knows, maybe by the end of it all we’ll venture through the Dark Portal to find Sargaras waiting for everyone…

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