Random thought.

So I had a random thought today and I wanted to share it with those who read my blog. My thought is about parents and the children they have. I and my fiance have an amazingly smart 2yo, and someday plan to have more. But, some people who have children, as awesome as the children are, the parents of them aren’t so great.

My niece and her dad are prime examples of how someone so special can be created partly by someone who isn’t so great. Both SAHM and I love our niece very much, and we both think that she is a special little girl that will grow up to do great things, but, her dad, my brother has alot of growing up to do. Now our niece’s mom was kind of the same way, but with the seperation of her and my brother, she is starting to get the idea.

I just get this feeling of sadness that I as a big brother didn’t set a good example for my brothers. One smokes alot of pot and has no real point of direction, and other runs away from his problems instead of facing them. I know that is was not my responsibility but as a big brother, i felt that i needed to set the example by being sober, and to not run away.

But oh well, whats done is done, someday karma will come around…

  1. Your a great big brother to them, its just their choice to be doing the stupid things in life. You made a great example out of yourself by moving out of your mother’s house (and state) getting with a great women (me!) and settling down and creating a family. You don’t drink anymore and you don’t smoke anymore either, you have grown up and matured, something your brothers needs to do. But it will take them time before they realize how much they are screwing up their lives. They may change someday and they may not. What they need is a good slap/kick of reality.

    Our niece however I feel the most sorry for because she has to grow up father-less cause he couldn’t handle being a dad and basically being around her mother. Yes our niece’s mother is starting to get the hang of parenthood but she too still has some growing up to do.

    Hopefully someday they will realize that we’ve been telling them the truth about a lot of stuff, til then there is nothing to do except sit back and deal with it.

    Your a great brother, fiance and father and don’t ever change. Me and our son love you very much and so glad to see you change for us!

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