You say goodbye, I say hello…

Well today marks the end of yet another year, and the farewell to a lot of things that many of us have grown accustom to.  I for one had, for a time, grown used to being home with my family to which I would be lost without. Many of you had grown to following Steve Jobs and his conquest of the universe with his Apple products. And Community…forever will you have a spot in my heart (come back soon!!!).

But, as we bid a due to 2011, the new year will welcome in a fresh start on things.  Thankful for the things I was able to accomplish, and thankful to say that I was able to overcome the setbacks that stood in my way. 2011 was also a chance to prepare for the coming year by starting to get my health better by exercising and watching what I eat, though with the holidays make it hard. I learned that my son is learning more and more every day and that sometimes it pays off to be slower than him because than I can take in all he has learned and be appreciative of the fact that I am just a piece in his ever growing world. My fiance SAHM has also decided to welcome in the new year by making changes in her life to which I am extremely proud of her and am behind her 100%.

Now that the farewells are in order, this year I plan on doing things a little bit different. I am not going to plan for a New Year’s resolution because every year that only sets me up for failure, and that is something I won’t let happen again. This year I am gearing for more of a set of accomplishments over changing the things I couldn’t do or didn’t do. It’s more of a bucket list for the year rather than in life.  I’m not going to aim for anything extreme like running for government office, or build the Deathstar and destroy Alderon. I am just looking to accomplish a few small things that, in the long-term, will not only be to my benefit, but will be things that are in need to be done.

In closing of this blog, I wish all of you whom may stumble across this a healthy, blessed, and fruitful new year.

” No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.”-Master Yoda

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