3 weeks down (almost)

Well 3 weeks of being back at work are just about down, and I’m feeling an enormous strain on my memory to retain all that I have learned, and had to remember. Though I for one never claimed work to be easy, and these past weeks have proven just how tiresome it can get when trying to retain all sorts of training at once. And on top of that, our son has been pushing all the right buttons as of late because I think he knows both mommy and daddy are tired and stressed over the looming holiday, like any family would be.

But at the end of the day, after the smoke from the hours before bed have settled, I take a step back and look at my day and realize that I accomplished something. I may never see the fruits of my work, but it’s the understanding that I did something that may have changed the day, week, month, year of the person I spoke to. Not to mention that when I get home, and spend time with my family before bed I have that realization that the work I do not only helped someone, but also allows me to provide for my family as well.

So to whom ever may read this blog I would hope you can take with you the understanding that no matter how hard your job is, no matter how stressful being a parent can be, and how some days you ask your self, can I keep going?  The answer is yes. Yes not because you get a pay check, but yes because the family you love and depend on for support, depends on you to provide that shelter for them, and that love for them. So no matter how hard things get, never give up, keep pushing, if not for you for them.

  1. Yeah the past almost 3 weeks has been crazy but its good for you to be back at work cause you were going crazy not working. You are an amazing fiance and father me and our son could ever ask for. Hopefully soon our son will be back to him normal self and stop pushing all the buttons cause he knows daddy is now back to work.

    Its true just keep your chin up and keep going for the one’s you love cause those are the ones that matter in life! We love you and so lucky to have you in our lives!

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