I’m back in the saddle again.

So being it that I have been a bad blogger as of late and didn’t post a whole lot, I thought that today was a good time to update things. I was a working dad untill july when I, like so many others, hit the unemployment line, and let me tell ya, if you have never been, don’t…It sucks! I applied at several different places with no luck until just a few short weeks ago. I decided to reapply (for a third time) at a place I once worked in the hopes of getting lucky and being rehired. Much to my superise, I was!!! I started training today and I’m in a small, and I do mean small class, but that’s ok.

Now to rewind time for a moment. While in my state of unemployment, I had the chance to be home and help my fiance with our son T, giving her a much needed break and me some time to bond and grow with him, not to mention it gave me time to be with the love of my life. Though all of the time home not being at work did take it’s toll like it would for any couple, but we got through it, like we get through all things. But now that I am back to work full time, it will give us our time apart to breath and not be down each other’s necks and will give mumma and T time to spend together again.

So as the title would ensure, that I’m back in the saddle again, working full time and being the best darn working dad I can be!

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