World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria…Will it be worth it.

As with many things, we in life cannot go forward with out change. Blizzard is following said belief with the announcment of the newest expansion, Mists of Pandaria. So now the big question of the day is, will it be worth it? It is my belief that it will be because it is a new direction on a game already 7 years old.  No epic bosses announced (yet), No destruction of the planet or the extinction of humanity as we in the gaming world know it. What it offers is a new race offered to either Horde or Alliance, a new class in the form of the Monk class, a new continent, not some silly little island that takes you 30 seconds to cross.

Now with all of the perks, comes some draw backs. One being an increased level cap to 90. Now I know it’s only 5 lvls, and will boil down to lvling 10 lvls.  Also in the expansion will be a new talent system (here’s hoping that it’s more fine tuned than previous), and that is only what was announced today.

I did have the time to read what alot of people are feeling and that is shock, dislike, let down, and so on. Well to be honest, What the hell were people expecting? No new content?, no new class that is different from everything else that we already have? the potential to actually do something in the game that isn’t all about going to war with god knows what? and the same old “Hey, let’s roll into this raid, get it on farm, than bitch because we have nothing to do”.

I welcome the change and bid farewell to the people who feel that the idea of slowing down and enjoying some fresh, non cataclysmic, frozen over, burnt up expansion.

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