Day 0, than 1

So being that this is my first blog, yay! I found it fitting to entitle this day 0 as this will be the launch board from which my other blogs will come from. I don’t usually let the universe into my my universe, but sometimes we all need to change in order to grow. I hope all of those who read this will find some sort of enjoyment, humor, and maybe some insight into the little place I call My World.

    • Domestiç Reclusë
    • August 14th, 2011

    Yay, I’m the first commenter from the peanut gallery! 😉 Hi there, I just wanted to welcome you to the world of blogging… I follow your spouse’s blog & well, I kinda followed her bread crumb trail here. The first post is always the hardest, but now that you’ve got it knocked out — I hope to see even more. Have fun with it!

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